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i hear all the time when people die on hcim they leave the account for their other iron or whatever is it only cause its higher stats etc or do people normally leave the account cause it feels destroyed and it wouldnt even compete with an origonal ironman. what am getting at does it feel less impressive if you die on hcim and continue on or work on an original iron that was never a hcim and never lost a status?

24-Jul-2019 23:35:01

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From what I've gathered. People think it's less impressive mainly within the Ironman community itself. When in fact I don't think many people actually care about other peoples achievements. But I think for the most part I think it kills the persons motivation to play the account because it feels like a personal failure. An it's mainly other Hcim I see looking down on Hcim that have died or just standard Ironmen in general. But the majority of Hcim I see that have died in end game has usually been a result of disconnecting. So I don't know why they're so hard on themselves. Also it's typically the level 3 Hcim at wintertodt who are normally most vocal about being a Hcim lol. Runescape herb farmer an farming fanatic ^_^
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24-Jul-2019 23:50:52

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