Wilderness Bug at Revs

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Somehow I skulled on a dude after he already skulled on me doesnt make sense I didnt get skull tricked I had right click attack option this happened about a hour or 2 ago kind of bs I am wondering if I can get my items back due to a bug hopefully you guys are able to see a replay cause I lost most of my bank due to this bug

01-May-2019 16:02:44

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Hi OSRS Plug, unfortunately, I believe you have lost your items and they will not be returned, it's the Wilderness, where there is danger of gaining it all, or losing it all. :P

If you believe it really was a bug, and have all the details necessary to reproduce it, right click in-game the 'report' button and report the game bug.

Sorry to hear about you losing your items, you'll get them back I bet, just not from Jagex! :)
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01-May-2019 20:28:12

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Notcool97 said:
Tough luck. People abusing bugs to steal from you is just part and parcel of the Wilderness. You risk this every time you set foot there. It's the rules.
I haven't clicked on any phishing links and as a result, I haven't gotten hacked. Git gud nubnubs.

30-May-2019 21:11:15

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