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Clan List

Clan List

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Hello Empathy PvE, :)

This is just a message to let you know that I have added your clans details to The OSRS Republic Alliance forum directory.

The O.R.A forum QFC is: 320-321-498-65816526

You will find your clans' details on page 2, please inform me if any details need to be altered by posting a change of clan details form found on page 1 post 8.

Speak to any of our staff to be set up with access to the O.R.A Discord server if you requested it, furthermore we will keep you updated in numerous ways with news of events, meetings and anything else we think may interest you.

There are many roles to be taken up by people of this community within the alliance to help maintain it, if any of your members are interested please see what vacancies are open for The O.R.A on page 1 post 10.

We look forward to working with you in this revolutionary union!
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14-Mar-2019 16:34:36

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