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It's getting tedious, I know.

But here me out on this. Give me positive feed back only. That'd be great! (I'm always open to negative feedback but positivity is my goal!)

We should add requirements into letting player Poll, at least that is what I strongly believe in. I've seen Multiple people on various social media sites logging in after only 3months of inactivity just to vote no on polls. Why is that?

What I believe we should add is:
Atleast 2months of active playtime
1500 total skill level
One medium diary done (P2P only)
Combat level 70 minimum.
100 Quest Points (P2P only)

Any takers?
Enlighten me. :)
Taxxy was here

31-Jul-2019 02:00:39

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while i am all for stopping alts from using polls, i think poll results would be heavily swayed if they were limited to those who have high levels.

maybe for something a bit more fair, but will still keep more alts away:

500 skill total
24 hours total play time
7 quest points
played for at least 30 minutes in the past week

but keep in mind, the main idea is something i support if done right.

Let us lower Combat
try looking at my old school runescape suggestions wikia! just search for it on fandom and you should find it.

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