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So in 2014 everyone wanted Stealing Creation. The Old School team straight-up said they would not add it into the game, without polling it or acknowledging the community. They've done this a lot, but times have changed.

Remember when everyone wanted dragon claws in 2015? It took 2 years for them to be added. The osrs community has changed since then. Stealing Creation would be a great addition to the game, and it would be the only minigame anyone is actually playing, probably. The rewards from rs2 obviously need to be nerfed to something not op, but that shouldn't be too difficult.

I got excited when Last Man Standing was announced because it sounded like dmm and stealing creation combined, but that became dead content. Stealing Creation was fun for pvp, skillers, and average players. Who doesn't get nostalgic thinking about it?

The Old School team really needs to re-consider this and poll it. It would be a great addition to the game and good for the community. In 2013, everyone wanted to preserve the authentic feel of Old School. But if dragon claws, afk firemaking, silver jewelry, achievement diaries, and all the other non-2007 content has been added to the game (not bashing those btw, all great updates) over the years, Stealing Creation would fit perfectly.


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Slay You

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I agree 100% that it should be added. I really enjoyed stealing creation and soul wars. What made it so enjoyable is you can utilize pretty much all of your skills whilst in a pvp setting with objectives. One of my favorite things was being able to use all of the ancients spells i can't afford to use outside of a minigame. I really do hope they bring it back. Lots of fun. I think if they did bring it back, the rewards should be xp lamps or something like that. Or give comparable xp in the minigame to that of what you get outside of it. I don't care about loot, i just loved that game mode!

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Story House
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Story House

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Hello there Story House here,

First and foremost, I absolutely support this and thanks so much for proposing this. It has certainly been proposed several times in the past for the current OSRS but I'm not quite sure what the status of that is. It makes sense to me to keep having it be proposed until we get a good, solid answer about it's possibility of returning.

Stealing Creation was not only super fun and exciting but it also helped build camraderie among members of this awesome community that is Runescape. When it comes to think that help improve the community, rather than just the game mechanics and such, I'm all for it. Games with a strong, friendly, and supportive community are always much more fun to me, although I believe I speak for many others in that case as well.

There are many other things from 2009 OSRS I'd like to bring back but those, my friends, are for another thread at another time!

Thanks for the Stories! ^_^
Story House

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The only reason that skillers played it was for the rewards. The things you could make included a harpoon you could equip that gave a bit better exps. There was an ax that almost made the dragon ax useless. If it wasn't that they were degradable, no one would have gotten a dragon ax. We now have the harpoon that would be in the same boat. It would lower the value of both of them.

So why would a skiller support it?

04-Jun-2018 15:06:27

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