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Would you like a place to store a Dramen Staff in your PoH, to be picked up before using your PoH Fairy Ring?

Would you like the Dramen Staff to be located within the Superior Garden either next to or in the Fairy Ring Hotspot? If No, it would be located in the Quest Hall in a new Hot Spot adjacent to the Bookcase.

Would you like the Dramen Staff to refresh itself upon re-entering the house similar to other PoH mechanics such as tea, bucket of milk, etc.?

08-Jul-2019 05:50:22

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Rune Pouch: Allow us to carry our Rune Pouch in the amo-slot by adding a "hold" option.

Explorer's Ring: Allow us to actually "use" the ring on an item to low/high alch the item.

Dwarven Helmet: Lower the Defence requirement from 50 down to 40.

Chivarly Prayer: Remove the The King's Ransom and Defence requirements from this Prayer, it's not like anyone actually uses it when Piety is just 10 Prayer Levels away.

Spirit Tree Seeds: Make them tradable.

Beekeeper Suit: Allow us to receive 1 piece at a time after doing the random-event.

Hunting: Add 1 more spot on Fossil Island to place a 5th birdhouse, at 80 Hunter we can use 5 traps of any other kind, why not these?

Hespori: Make this boss stronger and more rewarding drops, after all we do have to wait quite along time to kill it in 1 minutes time.

Hatchets & Pickaxes: Only allow them to be used from the inventory if the player has the correct Attack level, such as if they were to wield them. Using an item should be earned from having the actual level, not just the money to afford it.

14-Jul-2019 23:12:45



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Could you change how the Combat stats appear in the OSRS Hiscores to how they appear in-game?

OSRS Hiscores stats currently appears:

OSRS In-game stats appears:

That has always bugged me and my friends.

15-Jul-2019 00:13:58

Trash PvMr
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Trash PvMr

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1. Buff curse spells in standard spellbook.

2. Remove curse spells from standard spell book and add to Arceuus spellbook for balance and magic variety in PvE & PvP.

3. Combine all reanimation spells into Arceuus spellbook into one spell and fill the lost space with the buffed curse spells.

Buff could either be more effective, deal damage in addition to cursing, or be stackable. Could also include a spell that venoms or poisons a target or removes the ability to run from a target for a time. Spells can be balanced by super restores negating the affects or other potions. Curse spells in PvP could be reliant on a "Cursed Tome" for risk.

18-Jul-2019 00:15:34

Bounty Bar
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Bounty Bar

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Warding failed, sailing failed, what’s next?
The skill we all want, parenting! Introducing Dadscaping Learn to feel what it’s like to be a Dad/Mum,
The skill would consist of adopting a child from the brand new limbridge church orphanage, and leveling your son/daughter increasing your parenting level.
You can equip your kid with gear and they can help you fight but be careful as they can also die in combat and will be put on cooldown and sent to a hospital to recover, the children can be sent to school to level (school costs gold to send the children there) but they can also gain experience helping you along with your gathering and slayer skills, the children live in your player owned house and grow as your level increases being able to equip better gear and increase in there stats. These kids are scared of the wilderness though so they won’t come and pk with you.
Vote yes to parenting for all the solo parents out there or for people who just want to know how it really feels like to raise a family!
Welcome to old school dadscape a game suitable for the whole family!
Race to become runescapes #1 Dad / Mum

25-Jul-2019 02:02:23

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