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Sl00d said:
How aren’t Ironman special? There are skill total worlds which only allow access for hire tier players, worlds that are specific for different users. Why are ironmen any different? I would expect a total level cap on this world.

I think it would allow ironmen (like country specific worlds) to do some pvm together. Also lessen ironmen getting crashed bossing by a group of high tier players when bossing etc. I think where the wilderness would be expected to be less scary, I believe it would be very populated for the HCIM hunters.

Little impact on the world otherwise. I’m not saying they’re special but a world specific to them would be a good place for ironmen to meet.

Because those worlds help out the official game mode by filtering out bots.

If an ironman gets crashed, they can either shut up and deal with it or de-iron. That's a difficulty that comes with the game mode. You guys consented to that when you created your accounts. If you're so frightened of PKers, then the same solution applies. Either shut up and deal with it or de-iron and play a regular account.

It wouldn't be good for ironmen. It'd devalue the game mode for the decent ones to cater to nubnubs.
I haven't clicked on any phishing links and as a result, I haven't gotten hacked. Git gud nubnubs.

04-May-2019 02:22:45

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