Runescape Monopoly

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CM Nick said:
Baladur said:
I reckon a game like Risk would be better suited where each player chooses a god and they try to take control of the whole mape of geilinor, with like each town being its own territory. That is just my idea.

I would definitely play something like this!

me too! i would play a runescape monopoly too.

by the way, unless you want to add it to the actual game (Old School Runescape) you should post this in the "Old School Runescape General" or "General" category on the forums.

i think any F-Mods could move this thread if it gets too popular. i'm no expert though.

Let us lower Combat
try looking at my old school runescape suggestions wikia! just search for it on fandom and you should find it.

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