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support. (and sorry if i'm being offtopic, but what about also having a fee you have to pay party pete to have temporary control over a smaller drop party room in the basement of the fally party room? you can say who's invited, invite whole clans, etc.)

HighOnCakes said:
Jeremy Cheng said:
Support, but whats stopping your clan from just rolling a rng and giving the items to random clan members?

Rolling numbers to win an item doesn't really have that "party" feel to it compared to when you're popping balloons in the party room you know? Also it's a way to get members of the clan together as an "event" type of thing.

agreed with this quote. giveaways and drop parties are different things.

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try looking at my old school runescape suggestions wikia! just search for it on fandom and you should find it.

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