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Ten fingers and only 1 ring?

Rings have low enough stats individually to have their stats be duplicated (for the price of ownership of two rings) without too much effect on an item that requires 0 defense to wear. Having two ring slots additionally gives the option to mix and match different types of rings in order to utilize the effects more broadly.

However, because of the ability to Imbue rings, it's not a good idea to be able to have two of the same ring. So if you equip two rings, they have to be different rings.

This means that the best combinations would be:

Brimstone Ring + Archers Ring (i) = +12 Ranged

Brimstone Ring + Seers Ring (i) = +18 Mage

Brimstone Ring + Ring of the Gods (i) = +12 Prayer

Brimstone Ring + Berserker's Ring (i) = +12 Str

Brimstone Ring + Warrior's Ring (i) = +12 Slash

Brimstone Ring + Tyrannical Ring (i) = +12 Crush

Brimstone Ring + Treasonous Ring (i) = +12 Stab

However you could mix and match in other ways if you want to run a Ring of Wealth or a Slayer Ring or an Explorer's Ring or a Ring of Recoil or a Ring of Suffering or a Ring of Life or a Ring of Charos or a Ring of Dueling.

Or just mix the Fremennik Rings differently for different effects:

Berserker Ring (i) + Warrior Ring (i) = +8 str and +8 Slash

Ring of the Gods (i) + Warrior Ring (i) = +8 Prayer and +8 Slash

Whatever you want.

Ring of Suffering + Brimstone Ring = lots and lots of stats.. and GP

The price of the rings would go up but what's wrong with that? Nothing. It gives incentive to play the game and kill bosses. They're just rings, it's not like they are farming spirit sigils worth hundreds of millions each.

29-May-2019 21:59:43

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The only way this would work is if they massively downscaled the effects of the individual rings, at which point the value in having two rings would also be diminished. I think having just 1 good ring is fine.
In terms of logic, maybe not very logical. But in terms of game design, it just makes sense to have it be this way. You can pour more bang for your buck into each individual ring, instead of making all rings mediocre so you can use two rings to achieve what 1 ring currently does.
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Also, how would you allow someone to do switches? If someone wants to switch to lets say, a recoil ring, how would you expect runescape to "know" which ring you'd want to swap to?

Also, if you have 2 recoil rings equipped, would that double the recoil effect? 2 recoil rings in pvp would be better than 2 berserker rings, because that 2 extra damage is better than the 1 max hit.

30-May-2019 19:00:42

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You can't have 2 of the same ring. So no two rings of recoil. Also you would right click to equip in slot 2, left click for slot 1. Obviously. Shift click for slot 2 alternatively.

Also, what on earth would they be massively downscaling? Rings have some of the smallest bonuses outside of a select few such as Ring of Suffering and Brimstone Ring.

All rings are already mediocre pretty much.

Berserker Ring: 0 stats on everything except +4 on Strength, value? 3m.. imbue it? +8 Strength. That's it, that's all that's on it.

All Fremmenik Rings are like this except Seers Ring, which is +6/+12 in its SINGLE stat. The Wilderness Rings are the same. All of the Gemstone Rings have +0 across the board except Ring of Suffering which is about 15m and offers legitimate stats:

Ring of Suffering: +10 Stab/Slash/Crush/Magic/Range defense and +2 Prayer and doubled to +20 and +4 when imbued

One ring left with stats and it's the Brimstone Ring, which can't be imbued and looks like this:

Brimstone Ring: +4 Stab/Slash/Crush/Range Attack +6 Magic attack, +4 Stab/Slash/Crush/Range Defense +6 Magic Defense, +4 Strength

Brimstone Ring has +44 stats, Ring of Suffering has +52/104 Stats, Fremmenik and Wilderness Rings have +4/+6/+8/+12 Stats.

The ONLY ring that would need any sort of tuning is the Ring of Suffering because for some reason it gives stats as if it was a top tier cape. And obviously the one overpowered combination would be the Brimstone Ring + Ring of Suffering.

Two solutions: a) Make it so you can't imbue the Ring of Suffering or b) Make it so you can't equip both the Brimstone Ring and the Ring of Suffering at the same time. Personally I think it should not be allowed to be imbued, unimbued it's already the strongest ring in the game.

31-May-2019 18:26:46

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The reason TWO rings would be good is because MOST rings have only ONE specific purpose. Whether it's utility, stats, or useless cosmetic effects, Rings have a very small role with a low impact on the stats in that role with only two ring exceptions, being Brimstone Ring and Ring of Suffering - which happen to not be tuned to a specific role nor having a low impact on the stats in the case of Ring of Suffering.

However, equipping just one of either of these two rings with any other ring would not change much because most of the stats would be weighed specifically on the overpowered ring, so adding a small boost isn't changing much to what is already a powerful ring. The only problem is combining the two.

31-May-2019 18:33:48

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this could work if they just added like a restriction for having multiple rings on at 1 time. and made it so that some rings don't work when worn together. wouldn't be super op, but could be a new niche bis idea. It could increase the price of some rings too.

05-Jul-2019 06:01:27

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