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Toss in a 5% tax on the GE as well as a tax-free GE chest in deep wilderness inside the revenants room. This would help counter bot dumping and alts that have been crashing various resources, especially with mobile coming soon.

This would also help deter merching as it is clearly becoming an issue with certain items being manipulated heavily upon big dev blogs coming out such as the Dragon Hunter Crossbow and dexterous scrolls with the post-DS2 changes and Arcane and Elysian Spirit shields with the recent Raids II dev blog that has come out.

The tax would be 5% for both the buyer and the seller.

Discuss please.
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support the ge tax. When ya get good at game that -5% wont hurt your overall game experience one bit ( maybe in long run it will) but whos going pay attention to that huh?

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100% support , - even though for many it seems at first distasteful. Its a much needed gold sink. I would suggest that it is a 'tiered' taxation , whereby higher end goods - ie : bandos, godswords , raids equipment , spirit shields and the like incur a higher amount of taxation.

The reason for this is that incrementally the profit/reward over time is usually far greater compared to the same amount that a skiller can ever make in the same given time. Gathered items like gold ore , yew logs would obviously need only a fraction of the percentage compared to say , an Elysian shield .

Notwithstanding this , not only a 'tiered taxation' , - but one subject to fluctuation and adjustment to compensate for the large amounts of money made per week/ per month. The reason for this would be that in some timeframes there are far more people online and the GE has far greater volumes of business transactions occuring.

There would be a sweet spot whereby the economy could be maintained without letting skills become dead content as a means to generate cash. It would also help to avoid large scale inflation , devaluation of the gp , and keep a lid on excessive merching /speculation . This would benefit low to mid levels and other high levels that make money this way , not only in their generation of cash but in their purchasing power.

And due to the vast profits already on high end items , a small taxation would hardly make a dent in their lucrativeness.

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Something a lot of opposers of the Grand Exchange hated about it was the fact that quest items were easily attainable. I have thought about tiered taxation and I think that miscellaneous items that'd be used for quests should receive a heavier tax. Big ticket items deserve a smaller tax that'd add up and ultimately sink gold out of the game at a drastic rate.

That being said, there is one problem left to be fixed with this solution and that is item sinks. We still have the death markers in game which Jagex is working on but we can't use that as an excuse to not try to help out the economy. I want suggestions that could help sink a wide range of items unlike a Kraken Tentacle which only sinks one item. If anyone can think of anything, please comment it.

As a final note, Jagex clearly loves their streamers. They aren't going to tax the sand casino as nice as it'd be. Let's be real. Jagex wouldn't do that so our next option is the Grand Exchange.
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I'm strongly against that since people would just use regular player-to-player trading then. Quest items, on the other hand, are what people would instantly go to the GE and in turn be taxed for. Stop luring PKers outside the wilderness, it's unfair.

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I disagree on scaling the tax, in fact I believe it should be the other way around.

I believe it should be a flat rate, rounded up, like any normal tax (except income based taxes). The reasoning for this is two-fold.

First, this would deter merching of lower end items that would 'evade' a tax done the way you are suggesting, pretty much destroying merching without the effort of actually selling the items through trades, due to the tax. If the tax was higher than an items profit margin, people could no longer constantly buy/sell items overnight to make money doing virtually nothing, now they'd have to at least type out messages to gouge prices enough for a profit margin.

Secondly, due to above, this would probably bring back the old-school feel of fally park and the likes, where people actually have a reason to sell items, and do bank sales and all that fun stuff.

Edit: Now that I've thought about it, it is very important if the buyer and/or seller eat the tax. To this end, I've come up with the following. There is actually a 10% tax on the G.E. 5% is felt by the consumer, while the other 5% is eaten by the seller. So if for example, a player sells an item for 100k on the G.E. they would get 95k back, and the consumer would pay 105k for this same item. In this single transaction, 10k would leave the game.
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What they need to do to fix the economy is to nerf all the boss rewards, ESP. the ones from the wild.

They should stop punishing the majority that they ignore other than punishing.

Of course that would require them to find out that they were wrong to say that only skiller pures did non combat skills.
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