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cooke fletch said:
Cajjj said:
They need to reduce the Gravestone Timers. They are far too generous and there is practically no risk in getting to those gravestones.
We do not have gravestones in osrs. The death mechanics is the only way they have to stop ddos terrorist.

Cajjj said:
Taxing the Wilderness will only piss off people, and make even less players use it.
What do you think the idea of taxing the ge is for. They want to FORCE people do BOW to merchant kings again.

Taxing the wild is just as valid a means of removing gps as taxing the ge. They want to call it an integrity issue and force it in without a vote, but they can not accept the same thing happening to the part of the game they like.
you do know taxing the ge would hurt the merchants the most right?

29-Jun-2019 16:32:40

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