More Capes Of Accomplishment!

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i like it, especially the ultimate capes, not to mention ultimate max cape.

i think there should be an emote cape, where you have to unlock everything except for air guitar, holiday emotes, premier shield, and skillcape. to get it trimmed, you need to unlock all of them except for skillcape and premier shield. the benifit is it automatically solves all emote clues below hard, and solves 1 hard or above emote clue per day. you could get it from diango.

and i guess this is offtopic, but the emote cape would be best if there was an emote expansion.

and i think the minigame-wide store owner, coming out in the next update (i think) should sell the minigame cape.

Let us lower Combat
try looking at my old school runescape suggestions wikia! just search for it on fandom and you should find it.

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