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Hello all! i have a simple suggestion that I know everyone will appreciate, and honestly im surprised it hasn't been added already. THE REST OPTION!!!!!!

This was ( IMO ) one of the best game updates of all time, and id love to see it in osrs!!!!!!

For those of you who dont know what the rest option was/ would enable you to sit, and rest. By right clicking the run button, you could select rest, and you would regain energy at a rapid rate, the higher your agility, the faster the recharge.

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21-May-2019 14:23:37

The Infernix
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The Infernix

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l0l nice suggestion this got me a laugh.
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21-May-2019 14:29:05

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Well it takes 200 seconds at 99 agility wearing full graceful to restore your run energy.

At level 1 without graceful it takes 750 seconds.

So from 12.5 minutes to 3.33 minutes difference.

Resting I think was 3x the rate? Which would reduce the numbers to 4.17 and 1.11 minutes - making the difference a mere 3 minutes as opposed to 9.

Therefore, this content would make content that already exists less meaningful. Not supported.

22-May-2019 23:52:25

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