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So there were a couple of odd things that happened in Endgame, like us magically pulling the Staff of Armadyl from out of nowhere. Mod Raven played through the quest recently and helped clarify a few things.

1. Sliske was supposed to have the Siphon the whole time but they didn't have time to make a new model for him with it
2. There was going to be a flashback to the part during Kindred Spirits where your character discovers Sliske's plan, but there wasn't enough time to add that to the quest.
3. They completely forgot Akrisae existed, kinda miffed about that one, I hope he's free at least.

Link to reddit where this was cataloged:

I hope they can add the flashbacks for the replays.
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22-Dec-2016 01:37:11



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Quite disappointed our 'discovery' never came up again. The one instance of our avatar knowing more than the player, and it doesn't get addressed. Apparently, it somehow let us keep Sliske slipping into the Shadow realm and enabled our godmode. But it seems his Xanatos gambit paid off - he ended up pulling off the plan from Kindred Spirits (the one we as players DO get to read), but we still don't know what we discovered that made him go Rocky Balboa on us.

Which part of Endgame do y'all suppose it was? Depowering the gods? Using the Shadow focus?

27-Dec-2016 14:53:19

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