is Betty into kinky stuff?

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there is always a mugger in her Magic Emporium. ALWAYS
she never feels threatened by him, when i come on he never does anything to her. she is letting them in.
what for? what is Betty doing with those muggers when we aren't looking?
and its not just one mugger, if i kill him when he is inside her shop. i will later find ANOTHER mugger with her again.

anyone got insight on this matter?

26-Dec-2018 16:46:24



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Maybe the mugger is just way more successful than other thieves, muggers, and highwaymen, and is using his hard (and illegally) earned gp on runes?

Or he figures: mug the noobs who go in to buy runes, then turn around and sell the runes on the GE

Fire, Air, and Body Runes sell for far more on the GE than what you pay for in the shops.
Perhaps this mugger happens to know this fact and is way more savvy than his counterparts.

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Crow Crimson

Crow Crimson

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The thread title made me think you were talking about the mom Yeti from the new quest, and I was REALLY curious about what you had to say.

I may be completely wrong, but the fact that she goes by the title of witch and not wizard may imply she's a practicer of the shadier aspects of magic. If so, it could make sense for a person of unconventional morals to associate with others with similarly dubious intentions.
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