Unknown Rune types?

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Rykan said:
So here's a shower thought I had, could other types of Runes exist that currently haven't been discovered?
As we all know, there are currently Runes for all major elements, air, fire, Earth etc. As well as Rune types for living creatures, death, blood, mind, body and so on.

Well could this mean that there are many more types of runic energy we've yet to discover? For example, what about a lightning rune? Lightning might not be as common as the other elements but it does indeed exist, perhaps, assuming they could exist, haven't been discovered due to the rarity of such energy?

Or perhaps there could be a real, Life rune out there, you can't have death runic energy without life.

Now I'm not saying I believe this, or disbelieve it, I'm more interested in the ways this could lead the lore and gameplay by paving the way to new spells, new areas, etc.

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Shower Power oooh, the water sustains most various particles to ignite one's flow of mind to the absolute extremes beyond personal comprehension even! Ohhoh. Okay so, back on tracks with too many vans fell to river already, i'm to downside a notion over pretty much every elements are out there by now, but that is when we're never sure how far the absolutes, if even those exist, extend to...

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