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I Lack Heart said:
Dilbert2001 said:

Absolutely no need as I mentioned.

GTA V and CoD: WWII are rated 18+ in many countries. Nothing extra needed to be done by the game developers whatsoever because laws don't require them. :D

Its great that you assume every child actually has parents left, its like you are living in a dreamland where there is no problems and if there is its the parents fault for trusting their child not getting hooked on tempting 'dont miss out, last chance' offers for new stuff to win.

if its a kids game its not the parents job to check if it has elements that will get their kids hooked to gambling.

if you agree that opening a booze store next to rehab center is a dick move then you surely agree that targeting children with loophole gambling to get them spend more is just as bad

if a child doesn't have parents left, then how are they paying for said purchaces?

also this isnt a kids game, its aimed at people 13+ not kids, and if the kids want to be naughty and steal a cc for TH then i'd say its the parents fault tbh... plus with bonds you don't nessarly need a cc anyway.
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