Not getting any TH keys

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I have noticed the last few days if I keep 5 unused TH keys I do not get any at all the next day. The total remains 5. I am a gold member. This has happened a few time recently. Is there now a limit on number of keys?

07-Jul-2018 08:53:32

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Move your mouse cursor over the key counter on TH; the amount of daily keys it says you have, you must use on that day, or else you won't get those keys the next day. Only earned and bought keys can be stacked.
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07-Jul-2018 09:17:57

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I can confirm daily keys have to be used the day you get them, they can't be saved to use another day, and it has always been this way. Any daily keys not used are always deleted at reset. Hi.

09-Jul-2018 18:50:50

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