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Xavathos said:
I have to agree with Draco and Dilbert here.

VIP shouldn't be anything more than what it already provides. It is true that it is up to Jagex to decide what the package entitles one to, but Jagex is also bound by unwritten rules.

You can't just add something to Treasure Hunter for years that some people may or may not have "treasure hunted" (spent money) to get or try to get and then decide to suddenly include it in a premium package also costing money.

The terms are clear. The package contains what it does and if you want the Dark Armour set, it's clearly stated what you have to do to get it. It's not discontinued or otherwise unobtainable, so I don't see the value in this suggestion at all.

I'm just assuming from here, but you're likely going to buy the package regardless and thus would give you a free armour set you'd otherwise have to use many keys to get, so to me sounds more like you want it the easy way. I get it, but that's not how the world works.

No support.

We said my friend :)
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10-Jul-2018 12:39:54

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Dark Armour's still available through Treasure Hunter, isn't it?

I would support it being sold by Vic the Trader, like other TH rewards. But it shouldn't be included in Premier Club. They should be kept separate.
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10-Jul-2018 15:43:28

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