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So, while I know nobody at Jagex and Co. are going to read this and care about it since it makes them money, I wanted to go share a personal account in regards to these types of MTX in a game like this.

So first off, I've chosen to play as an Ironman account simply because it blocks me from ever having to see these types of MTX in a game like this. So don't go and tell me, "You suck because you're an Ironman" or whatever. I have reasons and I'm about to explain them.

See, I'm part of a demographic of people who are vulnerable to gambling, gambling addition, and other disorders and dysfunctions related to gambling functions like the ones that Treasure Hunter presents. I also love to play Runescape and have been playing since 2006 when I was a child. But whenever Runescape first introduced MTX like Squeal of Fortune, I spent a ton of money on it, I was addicted to the gambling mechanics that it presented me. A way to progress faster, or a way to get some cool items and gear. That's how it's presented, but through a tick of the RNG instead of physically being at a roulette table. You spend money at a game of chance, with big prizes set before you, enticing you with 100M or whatever. "Maybe next time I'll get that," "I was so close to it last time, let's try again!". And so eventually you run out of real money to spend on this gambling mechanic and put it on credit card. And you keep on doing it until you get those pangs of regret about how much money you wasted on nothing. So you wait, and then there's a new promotion. New Items, protean, lucky gear, whatever. "You get more keys the more you spend!" So you dip down into the addiction again, thinking that you're benefiting from this while you spend hundreds and thousands of dollars in a game of chance. That was me.

So that's why I'm an Ironman, because I love this game, but I couldn't afford this game. This was the only way that I could keep playing without going bankrupt.

10-Jul-2018 01:18:20

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Sadly, ironman mode is not an option for everyone, because there are other changes as well than simply being unable to use TH. And really, if Jagex gets desperate enough, they'll either attempt to remove the "no TH" rule for ironmen or make some new system that sells the things TH does & ironmen can get. For the time being, it works for those who can live with the other changes too, but...
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10-Jul-2018 03:56:56

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Ah darn, you've given Jagex the idea they can sell Treasure Hunter keys to ironman accounts and make thousands of dollars form gambling addicts, its just a matter of time now, you've spawned the idea in their heads and they won't be able to resist a new revenue stream for long.

Half kidding with the above, but I have no doubt Jagex could add MTX to ironman.

And next, Jagex could add more MTX to OSRS n addition to bonds, adding them slowly to reduce the number of OSRS players who would jump ship, first adding free things then charging for them later, like they did with RS3. Its the boiled lobster technique, turn the heat up too fast they will try to jump out of the pot, turn it up slowly and they will stay in til they die.

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