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i remember watching the stream which focused partly on the RunePass.
it was said there that while runepass test runs there would be no th promotions and such.
so a couple of days after the promotions return full force, while runepass test run remains.

now, i really dont care about th promotions - take it or ignore it.

but why lie so bluntly?

or did i miss something and the halt of promotions was intended to the first week of runepass only ?

12-Jul-2018 11:40:46

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Ryndujax said:
now, i really dont care about th promotions - take it or ignore it.

Don't get this the wrong way, but people acting like this is exactly why we have ended up in this situation - if you let Jagex do whatever it pleases because you can still stomach it, they will keep experimenting further on what they can get away with, and sooner or later you'll be disappointed as well.

Anyhow, it seems Runepass wasn't as successful as they thought then, so we might as well remove it.
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12-Jul-2018 14:35:36

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OP, you did not just miss the "halting of TH promotion" part of the live stream. You missed the whole point Osborne made.

He said clearly there would be no TH promotion just the first week. He clearly and expressly added
"No. It will not carry into the 2nd week"
. Clearly and expressly so with an reiteration. :D:D:D

12-Jul-2018 18:22:48

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I bought Runepass for the pet on;y. though I am trying to complete some of the grind tasks, I am not enjoying the grind which just adds to dailyscape rather than reducing it, but I am playing content I normally would not. Playiong content I usually don't could be seen as positive or negative, or neutral, I haven't decided. It depends if I feel I am benefiting my account or wasting time sidetracking me from goals.

Based on Dilbert2001's post, there were no lies though, there were no Treasure Hunter promotions the first week but they resumed the second week as Mod Osborne said they would.

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