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Blackwing said:
Oh look, more exp selling that ruins the game integrity. And it doesn't even get rid of the patch weeks, in fact it only leads to more of them.

Seriously Jagex, this is counterproductive; just remove TH altogether and focus on membership sales and game integrity instead. You'll be much more successful in the long term. > )
This, all over. To add to this, my constructive criticism is that Jagex previously promised to cut down on both the amount of promotions and amount of gameplay impact they have, and yet there has not been a break in promotions since Runepass (which was itself a promotion) and almost all of those promotions involved the direct selling of bonus XP or flat out XP in the form of stars and lamps, and this skilling backpack is no exception.

My further constructive criticism is that this has a negative effect on game progression and economy. Look at how much items rise and crash around double XP weekends and how many more people gain formerly prestigious achievements such as 120 Summoning and Herblore on DXPW; XP promotions such as this backpack are a microcosm for this, except locked behind a paywall, giving a direct game advantage to those paying real life money.

22-Aug-2018 17:17:17

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