Too Much Rainbow, Not Enuf Gem

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War tortoise

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Team Skull said:
what the fuck is this maess?

I dont' evne know what you'rter suggesting to fix this.

If this is somke LGBT+ agenda, then holy dhit we need to stop promoting it- We've alreayd seen the4 fallout from Angof and the 07 ervent.

We don't neede more ofg it.

hes saying he wants the gemerator promo back.

UrekMazino said:
Oh for God sake, this promo is call rainbow's end because you can unlock up to 7x multiplier (can you think of any other prominent icon that is related to 7 and can become a theme for TH?) and nothing to do with LGBT agenda.

yes but it includes rainbow items and for some reason people associate all rainbows with LGBT

OP didn't bring that up, OP is just saying he wants more of the gemerator promo. I'd love the gemerator to come back.
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28-Sep-2018 21:56:04

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