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Dong U Dead

Dong U Dead

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I would like to see future task events to be fair for all players, It doesn't matter if you just started out that week or a veteran who's been playing for 10/15 odd years.

I would like to see tasks set up into levels such as 1 - 30, 30 - 70, 70 and above so no one is missing out on the rewards (the rewards would be the same for each set), so no one is expected to buy keys in the hope to win stamps to be able to complete task set. If the task sets were set out this way, it would be fair, it wouldn't look as though the lower level player are paying for the higher level players entertainment.

Maybe have differnt size lamp/s, Star/s or chest/s available if a player chooses to complete some or all task sets. You can also have stamps available for players that want to complete higher level task sets, so the option is available to complete the higher tasks - it's not a necessity to win rewards.

The reason for this is that I feel it extremely unfair and sad that lower level are expected to buy keys or hope to get stamps to cross of tasks they are unable to complete because of there level. Having to complete events through rng is wrong and it is more wong in my eyes that certain members of the community (low levels in this case) are expected to rely on rng of TH to complete these types of events.

Lets make RS events fair for all!
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01-Nov-2018 23:13:28

Ice Rocks

Ice Rocks

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Actually it is unfair that you can buy keys at all so I find your reason off. I know it is upsetting for you when playing the game gets in the way of your treasure hunting though.

01-Nov-2018 23:28:54

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Good luck with that, OP; as long as TH exists, these events aren't going to be made fair. Jagex realized from the earlier adaptations of these events that if there aren't enough restrictions that you'd want to pay to skip, people aren't gonna spend money on the event. You'd do better by getting TH removed first, as then there wouldn't be a need to add such restrictions.
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01-Nov-2018 23:41:52

FiFi LaFeles
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FiFi LaFeles

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Your sentiment is commendable, Dong, but Jagex want people to not be able to do things and buy keys instead.

They're in it to make money, not to be nice, or fair.
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01-Nov-2018 23:42:36

fmod Gold Premier Club Member


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I've moved your feedback to a more appropriate section.

all the best
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01-Nov-2018 23:50:11

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how do you propose to make it fair to all players and still make some of the tasks a little challenging? the way i see it those of us who have put some level of effort into the game get rewarded by being able to do high level or quest locked tasks. if players could just breeze through these bingo cards with no effort jagex will just stop giving them to us and they'll give us something shittier to work with. my clan is the best

03-Nov-2018 09:51:36

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