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Umbral Chests

From midday on July 25th, anyone who buys the 450 Treasure Hunter key package will also get a free Umbral Chest, each of which contains a guaranteed purple prize! We’ve also buffed the other rewards you’ll find inside. This offer will be available until midday on August 22nd.

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bring back the lumbridge pig pit

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I wouldn't bother with this one. On a lot of TH promos you can get 1000 proteans for a red gem but when they release thesee, the red prizes are made purple, so you end up getting a purple prize that is often a red one. I know because this happened to me previously!

15-Jul-2019 19:55:41

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Congrats to the lucky ones who got Purple quality prizes on red slots, especially those who love protean items for the DXP Weekend coming soon!

And don't forget the Umbral Chest is just an extra bonus. You still get all the goodies you get from the 450 TH keys. :)

15-Jul-2019 23:05:17

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