Purified Shortbow - Not there?

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Vamo Elysian

Vamo Elysian

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Hey all,

I recently won the "Purified Shortbow Token" from one of the two Umbral Chests being promoted via Twitch Prime.

I redeemed the token, and received the chat message in game about it being "unlocked" and available in the "Customisation" menu, however, no such cosmetic override exists. I have unfiltered my customisation menu so that it displays every single item and upon searching for "purified" or even "shortbow" nothing is found.

I have also tried equipping a shortbow and filtering the slot and again nothing is found, so why hasn't it actually unlocked after stating it does AND taking my token?

04-Jul-2019 12:55:27

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Sounds like a bug report is needed 10 200ms. Founder of Jamandy52 skilling clan. Love skilling. Love minigames.
Working on 200m Slayer atm. PM for effigies assists, and for tips when skilling. World 70.

04-Jul-2019 22:31:16

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