dragon mask tokens

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boidaez said:
bumped to save it from page 50.. page of doomed ideas.. probs should have left it

You should have let it die. It's a horrible idea.

BabyBel said:
No. This makes no sense to turn these into slayer masks, dragons don't require slayer levels to kill them. The slayer masks are for slayer monsters, can't even believe a Jmod supported this.

Sums it up for me.

Ps, Dragon masks are clue rewards - why are you even posting in TH??? It's not speculation or anything, it's a suggestion - put it in the suggestions of the forum. In fact, just delete this thread like what was supposed to happen until it was bumped from page 50.

Dragons are not slayers monsters.

This is not speculated TH.

This is a terrible suggestion that is in the wrong section of the forums. Why should it be saved?
Skillet? Skill no.

So much moot.

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