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Ahura said:
Creative idea. Earning dragon mask tokens to be used on dragon masks earned in Treasure trails. The dragon masks are quite nice as a cosmetic item, but we already have so many cosmetic masks & hats... and these masks have indeed lost a lot of value and are not worn very often anymore. It would be cool if they were upgradable to be also used for your Slayer, rather than only cosmetic uses. :D

Ps: no gravedig, this was apparently just bumped again.

01-Jan-2015 12:31:39



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No. This makes no sense to turn these into slayer masks, dragons don't require slayer levels to kill them. The slayer masks are for slayer monsters, can't even believe a Jmod supported this.

09-Feb-2015 18:41:44



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well your running out of slayer monsters that arent over powered or too week to have point, but since dragons are a common slayer task, collecting kill counts is a good idea

09-Feb-2015 20:04:46

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