Didn't receive umbral chests?

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Life Is Turd
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Life Is Turd

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So I'm linked with twitch on my account, I claimed the twitch reward and didn't receive the chests.

Where should I be in contact for this? Couldn't find correct ticket on customer support page.

ty :)

09-Jul-2019 18:26:29

Juicy Soup
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Juicy Soup

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It was confusing.

You have to claim it on the Twitch website first and then you have to claim it again on the Runescape Website.

If you look at the instructions it provides a link to the part of the Runescape website to go to. The page is weird and it says something like "claim your reward" but it does not look like something you would normally click on.

Hope this helps. If I didn't make sense I can try to clarify.
Juicy Soup



11-Jul-2019 08:43:30

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