Make Treasure Hunter P2P

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Doorknob747 said:
D E L A Y said:
I agree with Whatusaytome.

The prizes aren't even that significant a majority of the time.

See what I mean. Basically what is the use of having Treasure Hunter F2P, if the prizes are not that good most of the time. If it became P2P, then all prizes can be P2P which are considered to be much more significant.
Radio53kip said:

Just because the prizes are not significant most of the time does not mean it should simply be removed entirely. You say that TH is causing inflation but there is no significant in-game monetary value in any of the prizes. The most amount of gold I can see someone getting from TH is in the ballpark of 150k from things like portable skilling items which is not common and that amount to the hands of a F2P player is largely insignificant. If anything it is providing gold to F2P which makes them buy more bonds, and your original argument about Jagex losing profit from bonds because people are buying them more quickly is contradictory since bonds have to be purchased using real money.

There are many items that are P2P only such as equip-able items and stars, but these items are available for F2P as an incentive to purchase membership or bonds. This is a standard tactic in many games that have micro-transactions. It is predatory monetization 101 and there are experts on this being paid to come up with things like TH and making it F2P. Incentivizing F2P into buying membership to justify TH rewards is a valid argument as there is real research in this subject:'loot_boxes'_and_Internet_gaming_disorder

(This particular paper has 9 citations)

So why is TH still available for F2P? Because there is monetary value in it and Jagex can only keep the game up as long as there is a cash flow.

05-Jul-2019 11:07:47

Never RIP

Never RIP

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Draco Burnz said:
Avoriso said:
Why would they turn down an extra source of money

The same reason why f2p complain about most items they get.

I mean why have something thats obviously p2p based yet f2p:@

Members have home teleport to members areas.. home teleport is not members only. And th items are not exclusively members items. If they were all members items and like large stars.... that'd be sweet!
Skillet? Skill no.

So much moot.

10-Jul-2019 10:33:12

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