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Blackwing said:
Lady Blazes said:
Is there a setting in game that you can toggle on/off these key offers? I never, ever get this offer when I log in, but my mom also plays RS with me and she gets the 50% more keys offer all the time. And I buy more keys than she does! I want this offer!

No, there is no such setting anywhere, in-game or on the website; the reason you don't get key offers is because you already buy keys. Stop buying keys for an extended period of time, and the marketing team at Jagex will see from their metrics that you have become an inactive buyer, so they'll try to hook you back with an offer. Why would the company give you an offer that would make them less money, if you're already paying the regular amount? > )

I've bought keys in the past and i get this offer quite a bit.
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03-May-2018 21:34:49

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