Incorrect Daily Keys

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UrekMazino said:
Davokhiin said:
Still though, I swear i was getting more keys than i used to be.

You were, for the entirety of June, everyone was getting double the amount of keys for free.

I swear i was getting 6 for longer than just june and I dont see any mention of this in the archive for May/June. Idk, Oh well I guess..

05-Jul-2018 17:45:10

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Rivathacalde said:
Okay, but what about the current event for 30days, the one that says it will double daily keys?

F2P normal is one double would be 2
Regular members normal is 2 double would be 4
Gold Premier normal is 3 double would be 6

You also have to use them the day you get them, daily keys get deleted at reset if not used. You can't save them to use another day.

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