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Dev Blog: LootShare

Following our previous LootShare developer blogs we received a lot of feedback on various parts of the system. The system described below has been simplified and tweaked based on the feedback you provided.

We will be polling LootShare on Monday so be sure to give this blog a read!

The basic system

The LootShare system we're offering aims to give everyone within a team an even chance of receiving drops. If a LootShare team gets a kill, the drop will be given to a random member of the team, so players in tank/support roles aren't disadvantaged.

Unlike the previously offered LootShare systems, team damage will not be pooled. A LootShare team will only be awarded the drop if a member of that team dealt more damage to the boss than other players.

This change to how kills are awarded for LootShare means that solo players will still be able to compete with teams. It also means there is no need for designated LootShare worlds.

To use LootShare you and your team must join a friends chat. Both the owner of the friends chat and the team members must then enable LootShare. There will be a 60 second delay when enabling LootShare (and a similar delay when disabling Lootshare).

If LootShare makes it into Old School, loot broadcasts will mention whether or not a drop was received via LootShare. This will help members of a team recognise when someone does not have LootShare enabled.

Additional feature: LootShare potential

Back in 2007, when LootShare was first introduced, it involved something called LootShare potential (LSP). Whenever loot was shared through LootShare, the members of the team who didn't receive the drop would gain LSP.

The LootShare system would be more likely to award drops to the members of the team with the most LSP. The aim was to distribute drops evenly throughout a team over time.

While this could be fairer in principle, there were a few drawbacks, notably the way a player might rack up a lot of LSP in a relatively safe place, then run over to a boss like the Corporeal Beast to "cash in their karma" for better drop-chances there.

We are therefore offering LootShare potential in a separate question from the main LootShare system.

Poll structure

Question: LootShare is a system which gives everyone in a team a chance of receiving big drops from bosses. Should LootShare be added to Old School RuneScape?

Question: If LootShare is introduced, should it use 'LootShare potential' to make players more likely to receive loot if they haven't recently had a big drop?

As always, we are open to what you have to say about LootShare. If you have feedback, please send it our way!

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The Old School Team


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First :)

If question 1 pass and question 2 doesnt

Then lootshare without LSP will be odd. Because then 1 person can get b2b sigils and it wont decrease his chance and it wont increase his teammates chance on getting further loot

But regarding lootshare systems if this will pass. Then i hope we can a additional option for instant share to get polled in the future when the game engine supports it :)

Maxed on OSRS

Maxed on RS3 (comped pre-eoc)


04-Mar-2016 14:03:47 - Last edited on 04-Mar-2016 14:15:20 by Zam

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Fortis07 :D

I personally don't think loot share is needed in OSRS, I will wait upon more information and the poll the be released before I make a final decision.

04-Mar-2016 14:05:48 - Last edited on 04-Mar-2016 14:09:51 by Fumin



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Why add lootshare and then poll no LSP? What would the point of lootshare even be?

The whole point of us wanting lootshare is to remove the chance of a player scamming. Having lootshare this way makes it completely useless now.

Why not poll coinshare?

04-Mar-2016 14:12:25

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They are trying to improve the servers as much as possible. By you saying "it's not old school, keep that crap in RS3," you are basically indicating that the present system is perfect (it's not), and with your dim-witted mindset, you are preventing positive progress from being made.

You obviously didn't even read the initial thread. Don't sacrifice gameplay purely for the sake of nostalgia.

04-Mar-2016 14:13:02



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Starting to become a trend, Jagex.

We vote no.. you just repoll it.. cmon..

Please poll each of the new coming equipment separately? That way you can see if each one passes. (I only think ranging amulet would)

04-Mar-2016 14:14:05

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