Carol's Christmas

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Abaay said:
I am unclear to what you guys have posted in regards to previous holiday items.
is EVERYONE getting holiday items back from 2006 or is it only the players who have been around that long have access?

just needed to get that clear, as I am an earlier player and in my opinion only the people who participated in the events back in 2006 or 2007 so on should have exclusive access to the holiday items of that year.

Also how come we didn't get our Lumbridge Snow globe ? i understand their is a new one but just wondering if the lumbridge snow globe will ever be seen again?

just a few thoughts..

I've been wondering the same thing but for different reasons!One the snowglobe was 2007! But that brings up my other issue!This is supposed to be based one 07 rs yet we've never seen a redo of the christmas event for 2007! And they do the item release with every holiday! The Christmas one is only different because the snow globe and the ice amulet (they haven't redone that event yet either) aren't given to everybody!

16-Dec-2016 01:54:03

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