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There are so many bad ideas on this blog that it'd take a few pages just to dismantle all the bullshit.

Removing one of the only uses for imp boxes (and one of the legitimate ways to actually anti-lure).

Pushing through things that have been polled and failed multiple times.

Spending dev time on LMS, which is dead (and will stay dead). Infinite prayer?

Changing how prayer protections works in pvp? Interesting for wilderness but imagine how much this will screw up minigames like castlewars. Invincible flag carriers?

All I ask is that you actually poll these changes. Stop trying to turn PvP into whatever warped view of it you have, and let the community actually decide what PvP is supposed to be. You know, which is one of the whole points of OSRS. If you have bugs to fix, go fix them.

Adding a chat message for when teleblock is about to be removed isn't an integrity fix. It's a minor QOL that needs to be polled. Adding teleblock to f2p isn't an integrity fix. It's a huge shift in the f2p pvp meta, and that community needs to have their needs addressed, especially considering they aren't allowed to respond to polls.
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13-May-2019 19:11:45

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