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Penguin DMM
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Penguin DMM

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Currently, as it stands, the first 25 players on the DMM highscores are taken up by 200m alls. This means I can never make the top 25, literally. Ccurrently at 90m thiev xp, think this is a tragedy due to the fact they all BOTTED. I can't prove this? Literally ask me how there are 8 ppl thieving every moment on these, w45 world. Nvm leave it to the rest to decide how this happended.

27-Oct-2018 17:05:35

May Member 2018


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Heey, its cartoon f orm, rank 1 player in all of DMM 45, and, bumping this, two, say, I am happy too report they have banned TWO! players from the highscores. Am waiting to see if there were anymore cheaters. I will tel u this, they have been banned before before i even made this post so maybe they keep an eye out four cheaters.

13-Dec-2018 19:32:32

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12-Jan-2019 18:29:36

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freekillmils, please be sure to report any players you find botting within the game so Jagex can investigate their actions.

Due to the name contained within the post, it has now been removed. Naming other players in a negative light isn't something that is permitted on the forums.

13-Jan-2019 16:46:45

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