Why (s)DMM is NOT a succes?!?!

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Shaky Sean
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Shaky Sean

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Hi Jagex,

hope you will read this for once. Not only me but several other players and even streamers like Torvesta and others mentioned this. Deadman mode is not a succes because as a solo pker you have no chance of competing versus any teams.

Situation 1: getting outgeared!
After a couple of days, clans have already collected the best gears available and they can freely trade good items between eachother, giving solo players no chance to compete or to beat them unless you have insane rng.

Situation 2: 1v10 fights!
It happened so many times now and honestly, this will be the last season im competing because its just not fair. You skull up, you fight a 1v1 and boom theres the whole clan while you are on 3 sharks and 2 brews... . Wait, no problem my opponent is already out and i will have a grace period....wrong! He just stands under or hugs some stairs and sooner then later you find yourself in a fight with another clanmember. In the end the result is always the same: death.

Situation 3: killing anything you see?
You just died and want to try to go somewhere and theres another pker who immediately kills you again. Over and over again, too frustrating and making people ragequit. At least consider giving people a 15 or 20 min grace period after death making them invulnerable so they actually get a chance to rebuild.

I don't know why some of these issues haven't been fixed, maybe Jagex staff member have never played dmm themselves, i have no idea. But as a solopker, i can honestly say that i have head enough and if they wont make any tweaks for future seasons, then ill stick to regular osrs. Its a shame though, because i like the DMM concept and kills can be very rewarding and it's exciting to play this gamemode but not in the state as it is now.

greetings from a sad solopker

22-Dec-2018 23:08:15

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