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I'm doing the quest Nature Spirit and I went to retrieve his journal then he vanished most likely due to the other player who was doing the quest too. Filliman will no longer appear as i need to give him his journal to get a scroll. I tried logging off, world hopping and leaving to lumbridge vi teleport and walking, searching his home etc... for the last 2 Days. Not sure if its a bug or I'm not doing something correctly. Can some one help?

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Asahel Frost
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Asahel Frost

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What does your quest journal say you should be doing? You may have missed a step, or may be you already progressed past the point where you need the journal.

Is your problem retrieving the journal, or finding Filliman so you can give him the journal?

If you already have the journal, have you read it?

Try retracing your steps back to Drezels room under the temple, then go from there to the gate into the swamp, and head south to Filliman's island. You have to go through that gate. If you enter the swamp some other way, it may not progress you in the quest.
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The Quest Journal says "I've found Filliman's journal, perhaps filliam is still looking for it?"

I've read through all the dialog when the book is clicked, clicked "click here to continue"
and he is no were to be found when having to give him the book.

I watched utube videos of the quest done in OS runescape and he is just standing their still when people give him the book. He is deffently bugged out for me.

I tried dropping the book searching for it again, nothing.
I tried dropping the book tele to lumbridge getting the book again and still he does not appear to give the book.

Edit: I have went through the gate, retracing my steps and still nothing...

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