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I used to play what's now called old school RuneScape and built up a decent amount of XP. I was wondering whether it'd be possible to use that old login on the new Android app or whether I have to start over again.

Apologies if I'm not using the forum correctly, this is my first post. Any and all help appreciated!

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Asahel Frost
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Asahel Frost

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Hi Jaxorama.

Welcome to the forums :)

Old school Runescape (OSRS) is in fact a relatively new game, launched in 2013, but based on the game as it was in 2007. Everyone started from scratch in OSRS.

If you were playing before 2013, then you were playing what is now Runescape 3 (RS3), which is the original game, continuously developed over the last 18 years.

Looking at Runemetrics, you have a total level of 1,224 in RS3, so it looks as though that's what you were playing.

OSRS mobile is available to everyone (Android and iPhone), but if you've never played OSRS before, you will start from scratch on Tutorial Island.

There is a beta version of RS3 on Android, but there are a limited number of downloads available for that while it is in beta testing.
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Hi there

As Asahel has explained, you will probably need to start a new character in your mobile RS Old School.

Once you download the mobile app and get to the login screen, you will be given two login options:
* continue with Google account
* continue with RuneScape account

You will be able to use your old login/password if you select the 'continue with RuneScape account' option.
This is because our login/pw gives us access to both RS3 and OSRS.

If you select the Google option, it will start a new account.
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