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I deleted a buddy of mine by accident :( I can’t remember his username because it was a combination of letters like phremeux or something and i’ve tried so many different variations. is there a way to find past friends or recently deleted on OSRS?

22-Aug-2019 20:16:07

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Unfortunately not. If you happen to know the FC/CC they frequent you may be able to add them from there if you remember. Otherwise keeping your PM open and waiting for a message from said person may be your best bet.

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22-Aug-2019 20:34:34

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Sadly, no. There is no way to keep track of players you have removed from your Friends List. Like Iceberg suggested, if you recall the Friends Chat and/or Clans Chat that they used to frequent or still do, perhaps you can find them there.

22-Aug-2019 20:40:40

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Hey there!

As mentioned above, Unfortunately, you can't get his name.
But you can open notepad and put the last name you remember and start doing a Probability on the name until you can find the right one.

You can also try to wait at the grand exchange if he has a "Favorite world" where he plays on every day, and hopefully, it isn't 302.

Try doing the Probability method and hopefully it works!

Good luck!
Have a nice day :D

22-Aug-2019 21:46:05

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