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I have an Account that got reported for his name. Now his name is


oder #Player68

it changes all the time.

But now I logged into it and it suddenly had the name *iLOVErune1* or something like this.

well .... does this mean somebody knows my account log-in or did Jagex give me a name, because they do not want me to stay at this level all the time ?? Feeling nervous now

14-Jun-2019 19:47:22

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Generally you are given a name by Jagex if you repeatedly use offensive names. If that happens, there isn't anything that can happen. Just don't use offensive names again.
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16-Jun-2019 22:07:27

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if its changed every 28 days I would think someone is on your account.
But if nothing else of value is gone then I would look to a family member..
example a spouse pulling a prank on you.

Either way I would make sure the account is secure.
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17-Jun-2019 19:53:09

Asahel Frost
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Sternenreise said:


oder #Player68

it changes all the time.
I assume this is OSRS?

In the absence of a display name, it will be replaced by your in-game player number, which does change as you log in and out, and hop worlds.

If Jagex have chosen a name for you, then you will be unable to change it yourself for a year.
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