OK, so here's my problem

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I made an account on mobile (Not this one i'm creating thread with)
I think i did it under "Continue with google" (IDK WHY)
and i want to play this mobile acc on my comp instead but that email on osrs is already registered to a different account i have -_-

So is there any way i can switch my email for this mobile account i just made?

03-Aug-2019 21:01:29

Asahel Frost
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Asahel Frost

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Hi R3c09n1z3.

If you created the account via Google, then currently you can only play OSRS with the mobile client, unless you convert it to a full Runescape account by adding an email login (see below).

You can log in to the website Account page (link top right of this page) and the RS3 client by using the Google button.

To convert the account to a full Runescape, follow the steps on this support page:
Add a login email to Google created accounts

You will need another email address to use as the login name, but as you have a Gmail account, you already have a large number of email addresses available. Gmail ignores dots, and plus signs and everything that follows on the left-hand side of an email address.
All these email addresses will go to the same gmail account:

Once you have added a login email, you can log in to the Desktop OSRS client.
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