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Hi NickWilson.

Ok, scanned through the thread, and there is some good advice in there, but let's summarise the advice.

First of all, secure your PC and email accounts using this advice:
Security Help
Keeping your email secure
It's safest to assume tha account has been hijacked, and make sure you cut off any access a hijacker might have to your accounts.

NickWilson said:
he told me he took his Authenticator off because of all the devices and computers we have. i think he got hijacked.
Given the above, hijacking is looking quite likely I'm afraid.

Is the ban temporary or permanent?

Once you are sure everyhting is secured, you can appeal a permanent macroing ban here:
Account Bans
Jagex will investigate the account, and look for evidence that the account was hijacked. If there is clear evidence that the account was hijacked at the time of the macroing it will be unbanned.

Ban appeals normally take a few days, maximum 14 days. You will get an email and a message in the Runescape account's messge centre inbox.
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