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Hello jagex, a few days ago i was at the moss giants in the edgeville dungeon and when i logged in this morning i was apparently at the bank in the west of yanille. I had 1.2M in my bank with full Rune, about 3k air and fire runes that were stolen. Is there any way to recover my stuff?

25-Apr-2019 12:28:41

Thunder Jinx
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Thunder Jinx

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Jagex won't return items when your account has been hijacked.

You should however secure your account with a new password and two-step authenticator.
Also make sure you scan your computer for any malware and never enter your password anywhere else than the official website. Never click links from a third party.
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25-Apr-2019 12:35:32

Skod River
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Skod River

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Hey Miulia1115.

As Thunder Jinx said are there nothing you can do about the stole items , beside rebuilding after you have secured your Email, Computer, Mobile and account.

Did you have Auth set up for your RS account ?
If Yes, was it still active or disabled ?
If No , why not ?

Did you have a bank pin for your in-game wealth ?
If Yes , is that still active ?
If No , why not ? (this is the last defense we can have for our account(s).
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25-Apr-2019 12:43:39

Clan List
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Clan List

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Hi Miulia1115,

Jagex are unable to refund any lost or stolen items, there isnt much you can do apart from ensuring that your account and computer are secure and rebuilding back the items that were lost. You can find information on how to secure your account and computer by reviewing these articles, they provide useful information on how you can keep your account and computer secure. Make sure to secure your computer first, and check your computer security, once this is done be sure to securing your account.
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25-Apr-2019 16:37:40

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