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Hi woolala90

First of all, could you edit your post and remove the link please? No need to post that here, it only puts other people's accounts at risk.

Please get your friend to secure their PC, email and Runescape accounts using the advice here:
Security Help
Keeping your email secure

If they can't log in because the hijacker has changed the password and/or the registered email, then they can recover the account using these steps:
Hijacked account

I'm afraid Jagex do not return items lost to hijackers. That policy, and the reasons behind it are explained here:
Lost Items

The mute will be a temporary mute imposed because the account was being used to advertise the same phishing video.

You should report videos like this to YouTube. Use the "Spam or misleading" option, then choose "Scams/fraud", and check the "This applies to links within the video description", click NEXT, put a brief description of scam and submit the report.

You can also report the phishing website to Jagex by emailing
and they'll investigate, though I reported this particular video and website yesterday.

Yes, YouTube are distresssingly slow at taking videos like this down :(
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