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The banned account uses an email to log in. It also has a different, but similar email, set as the recovery email.

You have submitted a ban appeal but have used the recovery email address as the log in text on the appeal form. As there is no banned account that logs in with that email address, the appeal has been closed because it doesn't load a banned account.

Please submit another appeal and provide the actual log in on the log in part of the appeal form.

Your log in email is as you've put in your previous hidden post. Your old ban appeal has a similar address but with a different number in it (it's your recovery email address).

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Make sure to check the other game version (e.g. OSRS if you always play RS3) for your account as well. Some hijackers focus on one game version only, leaving the other game version intact. I think you will find heavily botted stats in the other game version.

You didn't secure the account that is owned by Jagex and that you are responsible for when it comes to security, causing you to get locked out for a while. That is not Jagex stealing from you, that is you having a poor security.

Also, Jagex only changes the name when it's offensive. It's likely the hijacker changed the name to something offensive, and that Jagex had to remove that name. The alternative is that the name *you* set was offensive, in which case I'd advice against putting it back on the account. In other scenario it was your responsibility so you are held accountable.

This is simply the way responsibility works. It's easy to get angry at anyone else when you make a mistake though, much easier than doing the mature thing and owning up.

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lol once again jagex nice try....and it is funny you hid my post exposing you say it was hijacked and botted on come I log into rs3 and guess what...I didn't even make a character to get to tutorial island....sooo like I said in my other perm banned my acc for no reason...stole the last member days I had...changed my name so I would have to buy member ban me for macro...all I did was wc all day on that acc not a bot...which when you finally looked into it seen it wasn't a like I said you system is trash and you guys are thief'sů wanna say it is because of security....that is a lie no one hacks a acc and the bank is open with no pin and takes nothing...leaves acc same spot...still same gear..also there is like almost 4m in this acc bank so yea anyone hacking would of took that little it is easy to point the finger instead of owning up...yea jagex you are trying to point the finger instead of owning up that you messed is sooo sad you are gonna try and make it look like my fault...ů you hide this post tooo...but Ill jus take a screen shot of this post too and put it on redit with the rest

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Try to read Samo's reply , and think of what it is she is saying.

Btw That RNG name you got , was not Jagex there gave you that , reason when Jagex do remove a name do it look like something like this [2gwtar2435].
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