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Burg er
Jul Member 2019

Burg er

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I am hoping that this is seen by someone who can help me unlock my account for it has been banned for macroing. I have done some research to see how this happened because it was not from my doing. Looking through my email I found out I clicked on a link that said that my email was changed and I panicked to recover it because I thought someone was trying to hack me. The link ended up being from, a fake email not from runescape support, so most likely that user ended up hacking me anyway and used the account at his or her will. If anyone can understand my situation and help me recover my account to its original state it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

18-Jul-2019 15:32:21

Asahel Frost
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Asahel Frost

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Hi 49polar2097.

First of all, please secure your PC, email and Runescape accounts using this advice:
Securing your computer and account
Keeping your email secure

If the email received had a 'Cancel' option then it is definitely a fake email not sent by Jagex. Jagex emails do not have a cancel option. Please see these pages for more advice on recognising phishing emails and websites:
Is this a Jagex email? [Info]
Phishing websites and suspicious emails

If you've already appealed the ban, and the appeal was denied then I'm afraid they won't look at it again and won't respond to further ban appeals for that account. There has to be clear evidence that the account was hijacked before they will unban it. More information here:
Account Bans
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18-Jul-2019 15:50:54

Burg er
Jul Member 2019

Burg er

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I have used the security support page to make sure everything is okay on my pc and I have reset all my info so it cannot be hacked again. Is there anyway I can be helped here or is the appeal process the only way?

18-Jul-2019 15:58:44

Skod River
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Skod River

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Appeal proces are the only way.

But since you already have tried that and it got denied , then is it really game over for that account.

I am sorry about your lose.
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18-Jul-2019 17:07:35

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