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Hi sorry if im posting in the wrong area, My friend has been hacked ( they have somehow by passed his email, Authenticator and changed the password + email ) approximately 12 hours ago and he has been trying to recover his account multiple times etc but just cant get any further with it. Is there anyone who would be able to guide him or help him further ? Apologies if this is in the wrong area but he has tried everything possible.

19-Jun-2019 20:21:38

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Hey Darrens,

Best to guide them through the Denied Password Resets page for advice on how to recover their account. Unfortunately if they're not providing enough information then the account won't be returned to them, but they should keep trying to remember as much information as they can - they have to prove they are the genuine account owner after all!

Is the recovery submitted being returned as denied instantly? If so then unfortunately they are not providing enough information for the system to recognise it as a valid recovery attempt. If it takes some time before a response is given then they should be close but just need to provide that little extra information.

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Tell him to scan his computer remove a possible trojan that let the hacker access his computer, IP, email and RS account! My goals and achievements on F2P accounts! ---> Thread! <---

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