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Iron Breadz
Dec Member 2017

Iron Breadz

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A few weeks back, 1 item went missing from my inventory. I didn't think much of it, assumed I must have dropped it or something (Ape Atol Greegree).

However today afte being on holiday for a few days, I've logged on and found a large assortment of items missing from my bank, including the below (Hard to tell all because it appears to be pretyy random.

Elemental runes (few hundred k)
Bloods (50k)
Prayer pots, Super pots (Defence remain..), restores and brews.
several k Nests and assortment of other seconds (Zammy wines and Morch Shrooms remain...)
Cut Dragon stones and Oynx (Uncut remain...)
Few hundred k Maple logs (Magic and Yew remain)
Cant recall anything else, howver lost about 50 bank spots.
Sunspear (Not even tradeable)
Flask Glass (5k of each) still in glass form as I don't have the level (Not tradeable)

If I was hacked I would have expected the below to have been taken but they are still here...

Cash... all my cash is here.
Armours, including barrows, GWD, Dragon Items (2 chains and F helms)
Shed loads of TT items
Boss keys
Sirenic Scales
thousands of herbs

Anyone had similar? Or know what has happened.. have a ticket logged but they don't seem to be answered often. As an IM theres no way im going to rebuild.

01-Jul-2019 14:52:36

Asahel Frost
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Asahel Frost

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Hi Iron Breadz

First of all, please secure your PC and email account(s) using the advice here:
Security Help
Keeping your email secure

It seems likely that you account was hijacked. Maybe you got back on the account before they'd finished stripping it. Best to be on the safe side, and secure everything.

I'm afraid Jagex do not return items lost to hijackers. That policy and the reasons behind it are explained here:
Lost Items
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Skod River
Nov Member 2009

Skod River

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Hmmm was you in the same place where you logged out before you logged into your account after your holiday ?

If No , then would i really suspect that somebody else have been on your account.

But it really sound wired that you are missing those items , but not your GP and high value items.
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01-Jul-2019 17:38:37

Iron Breadz
Dec Member 2017

Iron Breadz

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My first thought was obviously someone stealing from me, however my machine is extremely secure (Has to be for my work), the randomness of the items missing says otherwise, the random spread across tabs, and even less valuable items missing where the item next to it is worth much more. Non tradeables have gone as well, including Sunspear, flask glass and quest items. 45k newt eyes have disappeared for example and these are right next to my morchella shroms and zammy wines...

I was in the same spot but with my inventory and worn items gone too... the mining golem suit and a skill cape, suit is now in Diangos… so weird this.

01-Jul-2019 18:17:26

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